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Our GOO TREATMENT SYSTEM is a 2-step process combining both topical wonder creams that are uniquely formulated for the world's greatest athletes. It was only available exclusively to these world class competitors for the last decade. Now it's yours!

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We are now offering our world-famous Goo to the public! The Goo is a topical wonder cream uniquely designed to aid in the physical rehabilitation of athletes (and everyday people, too), to help soothe muscle aches, tightness, spasms, joint discomfort, or any general wear & tear that’s been slowing you down. Our special gel has analgesia, anesthetic, and anti-inflammatory properties to help provide therapeutic benefit to the area(s) treated. First, apply our Goo Primer to clean, moisturized skin. Then apply a small amount of Goo, and watch the magic happen!

The Goo was created by Dr. Joan Rubinger in 2012 upon the special request of an iconic NBA star. This legendary basketball player was tough as nails, and was able to get through games and practices by sheer grit. But when it was time for bed, his achy muscles and joints prevented him from the nourishment of sleep. He asked if Joan could make something to help calm all the discomfort in his body. So Joan stayed up, night after night, mixing her formula by hand. It worked like a charm! The Goo was an instant hit. The basketball player used The Goo throughout the rest of his career, and especially during retirement. One by one, every athlete treated by All Pro Sports Medicine has received The Goo as part of his/her treatment regimen.

As we collected more and more feedback from the athletes, our formula continued to evolve, becoming a more advanced version each time, ultimately transforming into the power-hitting Goo we all know and love. We are devastated to share that the basketball player who was the original inspiration for The Goo is no longer with us, but his memory is honored with every container of Goo we make.


Designed as a “primer” for The Goo, Its handcrafted chemical formula accomplishes two crucial objectives: (1) It promotes deeper penetration of The Goo when applied first as a primer; and (2) The Goo Primer slows the absorption of The Goo, thereby extending its duration of efficacy (or the length of time The Goo is effective on the body). The virtuosity of The Goo Primer results in The Goo lasting longer than any other topical analgesic product on the market. Our data shows that the combination of The Goo Primer and The Goo extends the duration of efficacy by a minimum of 3 1/2 to 5 times longer than rival products. Out of many stores like this, one individual even shared that “the effects are so powerful that I don’t need to reapply The Goo for another 3 days.” The Goo Primer is a critical step in our therapeutic process.

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  • Clinically Tested
  • Dermatologist Tested
  • Allergy Tested
  • Non Irritating
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Cruelty Free
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Uniquely Formulated

This treatment was uniquely formulated for the world’s greatest athletes and has only been available exclusively to these world class competitors for the last decade.