We are now offering our world-renowned therapists to provide Goo-inspired physical rehabilitation as part of your treatment program! The Goo Service is specifically designed to aid in the recovery of pain relief, muscle aches, soreness, tightness, swelling, edema, spasms, joint discomfort, and all other movement-related wear and tear on the human body’s soft tissue. 

The Goo’s 3-pronged attack is a service that aims to provide analgesic, anesthetic, and anti-inflammatory outcomes on the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in your body that have been under threat of breakdown, due to the extreme stress and demand placed on them through athletics and exercise.

Our clinicians will use therapeutic modalities and devices that together with The Goo have been documented to be successful at accelerating recovery timetables from the most severe injuries plaguing athletes today, such as ACL tears, Achilles ruptures, MCL/LCL sprains, meniscus tears, hamstring strains, quadriceps tendon tears, back spasms, and more. The Goo has been a trusted, principal piece of the All Pro Sports Medicine treatment program since 2012, although the service can be performed by itself as well.

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