One of the most critical times for injured individuals, whether they are professional athletes or not athletes at all, is the period immediately following surgery. Known as the postsurgical or postoperative phase, the first 6 weeks after a surgical procedure can be the most telling of a patient’s recovery success. The more invested a patient is in his post-op recovery, the better he or she will perform once back to 100%. 

All Pro Sports Medicine is the absolute best in postoperative treatment services, as we have routinely and successfully accelerated the recoveries of elite and professional athletes with severe injuries since 2011. When an athlete begins his or her post-op treatment program within the first 6 weeks after surgery, it has been documented that the recovery timetable for that injury is accelerated an average of 37% faster than recovery timelines met for the same injuries when using traditional rehab programs (such as physical therapy, chiropractor, acupuncture, etc.).   

The All Pro Sports Medicine post-surgical treatment program is most successful when used in conjunction with an athlete’s team rehab program supervised by athletic trainers and/or physical therapists; or when a post-op individual enrolls in a physical therapy program and follows its regimen and at-home instructions to the letter.  

This program includes:

  • Pre- or post-op antibiotics, if indicated
  • Physical, mental & emotional assessments
  • Clinical medications
  • Clinical procedures
  • Therapeutic modalities
  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Prescriptions, if indicated

This combination of clinical medications, procedures, rehab exercises and therapeutic progressions offered in this program has been wildly successful in producing accelerated recoveries among patients who have recovered from serious injury, in comparison to their fellow athletes who do not incorporate All Pro Sports Medicine into their treatment regimen.

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Significant decrease in effusion/swelling surrounding the right knee within a 6-day treatment series.

Knee contours reappear after reduction of post-surgical swelling in 4 days of treatment.