Over the years we have developed and perfected unique and individualized treatment regimens, focusing on injury management, metabolic deficit correction, and chronic inflammatory conditions. The Team's work has resulted in significant decreases in recovery time from acute and chronic injuries, attracting the interest of the world’s best athletes. 



Founded All Pro Sports Medicine in 2011. She is board certified in internal medicine, specializing in emergency medicine and clinical sports medicine. A former elite gymnast and two-sport NCAA Division I athlete, Rubinger graduated from Syracuse University prepared to embark on a career revolutionizing the practices and principles of sports medicine. Rubinger did this in part by using her experience in the emergency room as a foundation of early “building blocks” for a clinical approach to sports medicine.



We stole Amin from the Oakland Raiders, where he was routinely the highest performing sales and operations employee in the organization. Amin served the Raiders  in the areas of VIP sales, group sales, human resources, information technology, project management, and operations. He often collaborated with countless business owners, executives, and senior officers, aiding their companies by implementing solutions that directly impacted the success of their organizations. Amin’s proven experience in highly dynamic settings led him to flourish by pushing innovative boundaries in the areas of business operations, human capital management and project management, improving and empowering numerous companies along the way.

We want to show you why we are the most superior clinical sports medicine service available!


What Does The Treatment Entail?

Each athlete will receive medical and rehabilitative treatments involving clinical medications and procedures, as well as specialized therapeutic modalities, corrective movements, and manual manipulation. In addition, prescription services and family care are included.

How Can I Book A Treatment?

Athletes may call, text or email to formally book a round of treatment and request their preferred dates (2 to 3 consecutive days). The clinician will find space on his/her calendar and confirm that those dates work with your schedule. Once you confirm, your treatment is officially booked. If not at the clinic, you will likely be visiting the clinician at a hotel suite in your area, or in your own home. [Note: Groups take priority over individuals when requesting dates on the calendar.] Click here to reach out!

How Does The Treatment Process Work?

The clinician will need to see you for 2 to 3 consecutive days, depending on circumstances. Each treatment lasts approximately 60-90 minutes. For newcomers, your initial visit includes signing your patient intake forms explaining the risks and benefits of treatment involving medications, (including HIPAA and informed consent authorizations), plus a comprehensive assessment and detailed exam, so please plan a minimum of 90 minutes. For groups of 5 or more, your session could take a bit longer than average. No-shows will be charged a non-negotiable 50% of the clinician’s fee.

*Outcomes are not 100% guaranteed, as goes with any time you use medications, there are always risk of side effects or unsatisfactory results.

Can I Still Practice Or Play The Same Day As Treatment?

Yes! These treatments are designed for you to perform at your absolute best! In fact, you might find it much easier to breathe, easier to recover, and easier to sustain a high level of performance over a longer period of time.

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